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Each new variation regarding the Apple iPhone has slightly different firmware baseband and bootloader programming that determines the upgraded functionality not accessible in senior versions. The iPhone 3G 3.1.3 is no different with this regard. If you want to unlock your iPhone consequently that you can utilize the phone on your alternative of cellular provider, you want to use a hacking program that is modifies the baseband firmware (jailbreak) and allows for the phone the be unlocked for all providers. This can be accomplished with the free of charge hacker application ZiPhone with a single installation course of action.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


1 Download and Install the ZiPhone application onto your PC.

3 Double-click the ZiPhone application to launch it. The installation application will automatically detect the iPhone connected to the computer.

4 Click "Jailbreak and Unlock this iPhone," then click "Alright." The application will run the jailbreaking and unlocking process and show the accordant "Total" when done.


ZiPhone: Download

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